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hooareyoo™ allows organisations to accurately review the online profile of any person through our ability to automatically source, collate and analyse publicly available data using our unique methodology and bespoke software, calculate a comparable index score in a consistent and verifiable manner and produce a comprehensive report that will help you understand the full extent of a person’s online activity.

With the enormous volume of digital content appearing online every minute, this innovative technology will enable you to gain a true insight into the digital footprint of any identity in a way that the individual might find difficult to fully articulate themselves.

Results are provided in a clear, insightful report, legally compliant and without any invasion of privacy.

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The hooareyooTM Report

hooareyoo™ delivers a unique and personalised report on any individual providing an overall score and rating of their digital footprint and detailed analysis in a number of key areas.

Visibility & Privacy

Publicly available personal information and key personal relationships

Any news and media articles relating to them

Are they being confused with other individuals online?

Online Activity

Their public profile on social media platforms

Their personal websites and blogs

Any published material, forum memberships & charitable donations

Influence & Reach

The strength of their online networking capability

The size of their networks in connections and followers

Connections and links between their social media accounts

Social Impact

Highlighting positive social media engagement

Identifying examples of inappropriate online content

Providing advice on what to do to improve their impact

Education & Career

Consistency of their education profile

Identifying any business links

Grammar and literacy rating

Personal Profile

What type of online profile do they have?

How active are they?

What level of original content do they provide?

Interactive Reporting

As well as reporting on an individual digital footprint, hooareyoo™ provides analysis and commentary on what the findings might mean for the individual and suggests practical advice on where improvements could be made with links to appropriate online tools.

Moreover, we are able to assess the commercial implications that this identified activity may have on your business – from a brand, procedural and relational security perspective.

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