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Safeguarding your customers begins by protecting your team

With UK adults averaging almost 6 hours online every day, it is no surprise that this environment has become pivotal to companies HR activity and attention. Protecting your staff from hate material, offensive conduct and other inappropriate behaviours is just as relevant online as it is in the office.

hooareyoo™ supports businesses that value the workplace as a safe, professional and protected space for their team members to operate in.

There are simple opportunities during the vetting, recruitment and training of individuals in positions of responsibility to take measured and appropriate safeguarding steps. Using an ethically designed software solution, hooareyoo™ supports a culture of awareness and understanding around Digital and Online activity.

The Internet in 60 seconds


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Safeguarding in the Digital era

The prevalence and impact of the Internet on daily life is profound. In a professional context the need to understand this activity has been recognised for some time, with over 85% of all recruits being ‘Googled’ before or during an assessment process.

hooareyoo™ professionalises this ad hoc and unstructured process to support businesses and organisations who want to ethically and systematically protect their workplace. Using leading technology that is GDPR compliant and ethically designed, hooareyoo helps businesses safeguard their staff and customers.

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