About Us

hooareyoo™ is committed to educating and promoting best practice use of social media and other digital platforms so individuals can maximise the value and enjoyment that an online identity can provide.

hooareyoo™ is also dedicated to providing any public and private sector organisation or commercial business, that practices online profiling of individuals, with the tools to undertake this in the most accurate, efficient and expedient way.

Our vision, through the use of our innovative technology, is twofold – to bring greater insight to businesses and organisations on the personal information they source from the internet, whilst ensuring that individuals are properly represented and not disadvantaged by inaccurate third party profiling and analysis.

Using our proprietary software, we are able to undertake in-depth profiling and analysis and provide commentary and advice on the social media activity and digital footprint of any individual across the globe and provide this in a clear, timely and cost efficient report format, either as a one-off or in bulk against any size of database.


If you would like to know more about approach to Equality and our Ethics then please click on the corresponding links below:

Equality Policy

Ethics Policy