Our Products

The hooareyoo™ Digital Footprint Report

The cornerstone of the hooareyoo™ product range offers a comprehensive insight into a person’s online activity and presence. Covering key issues from Social Impact to Visibility & Privacy, this insight has a range of immediate applications within a business context, from recruitment to due diligence and beyond.


The hooareyoo™ Digital Risk Report

A shorthand, risk-based report that assesses the presence of any flagged or high-risk content in isolation. Ideal for situations where reassurance of online activity is needed and where the depth and insight of the Digital Footprint would be too onerous, for example with temporary staff or one-off events.


The hooareyoo™ Insight Report

The Psychological Insight report contains all of the core elements of the Digital Footprint but is enhanced with evidence-based interpretations and behavioural inferences, designed and validated by expert Psychological Consultant Clinicians. Ideally suited to roles where interviews and traditional recruitment methods may be insufficient to understand the character of the candidate, the Insight Report provides a unique understanding of personal behaviours and traits.


hooareyoo™ Bespoke Reporting

Whether focused upon individuals with access to highly sensitive information, infrastructure or corporate finance, this service can be tailored to a client’s needs to provide a personalised service for that business at that time and with their key issues at the centre of this report. This in-depth report provides all of the insights available within the Digital Footprint and Insight Report, further enhanced by relevant industry expert and professional opinions in key areas.


hooareyoo™ Consultancy

For further assistance on assessing security threats to your business click here to view our dedicated Consultancy Services.